AS3: ARIA SKYRAY atmospheric particle-phase online heavy metal Supervision System


AS3, from 2013, is an innovation project between two Chinese and French SMEs, (in the framework of the cooperation agreement between OSEO (now BPIFrance) and MOST signed in Montpellier, September 2011), in order to promote the development of technological partnerships.



AS3 news:

01 June 2015 End of the AS3 project and achievement of the developement of the AS3 system (ARIA Technologies version)

May 2015 Second issue of AS3 newsletter

5 December 2014 Presentation of AS3 project at the 4th Sino-French workshop of atmospheric science

15 September 2014 End of the Kunshan campaign

25 July 2014 AS3 source term retrieval starting

20 June 2014 Start of the Kunshan campaign

18 June 2014 Kick-off meeting for the 2 months’ product evaluation campaign in Kunshan, China

May 2014 First issue of AS3 newsletter

18 April 2014 End of evaluation campagn in France

27 March 2014 Presentation of AS3 at the first Sino-French Innovation Forum, Paris, France 

20 Feb 2014 AS3 on-line supervision system starting

17 Feb 2014 AS3 forecast system starting

17 Jan 2014 2 months’ product evaluation campaign in Rive-de-Gier, France

13 Jan 2014 Validation of factory use test for AS3 forecast mode

05 Dec 2013 Kick-off meeting of the AS3 Project with external partners

03 Dec 2013 Installation of AS3 heavy metal monitoring instrument at University Paris Diderot for tests

23-26 Jul 2013 First Poster of AS3 in Chinese at CIEPEC exhibition

06 Jul 2013 Official agreement of AS3 from OSEO (now BPIFrance)

13 Mar 2013 Consortium agreement signing and products presentation seminar

09 Nov 2012 Memorandum of Understanding signing








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